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Original Series

We paired perfume notes of the highest quality with the best oud from all over the world to create our original Oudness fragrances.

Sourced from the Best

The Oud fragrance will differ depending on the geographic location and even from tree to tree, so we've sourced from all over southeast Asia including Borneo, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and India, to create this collection.

All Day Fragrance

A little fragrance goes a long way, and will evolve dramatically throughout the day. What may smell earthy in the beginning, becomes sweet and woody by the end of day.

Oudness is about the intoxicating and exceptional perfume note of Oud.

Used throughout history and mentioned in the Bible, Hinduism and Islam, Oud is a famously earthy, woody and animalic scent that will awaken your senses. Cultivated from an Aquilaria tree that has built up a dark aromatic resin over hundreds of years, Oud is grown and harvested all over southeast Asia, including Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.  


With Oudness, a little fragrance goes an extremely long way.

Using the traditional dipstick applicator, we recommend applying a small dab of Oudness oil.


Not liking the smell at first? The fragrance will evolve dramatically throughout the day and what smells earthy at first will dry down into a sweet woody fragrance.


By the end of the day, Oudness will be your new favorite fragrance.

"I've tried many different attars over the years, but nothing comes close to Oudness. The blend of fragrances combined with the oud is truly unique and captivating. I always get compliments when I wear it!"

Sarah J.

"As someone who's always loved the rich, earthy scent of oud, I was blown away by Oudness. The quality of the oil is top-notch, and the selection of different ouds from across the region creates a beautifully complex aroma that lasts all day."

Aman K.

"I was hesitant to try Oudness at first because I've never been a huge fan of strong fragrances, but I'm so glad I did. The scent is subtle yet distinctive, and it's unlike anything else I've ever tried. It's quickly become my go-to fragrance!"

Lisa M.

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